Why Use Us!

AlertAvert.com is a pioneer in the development of location-based "social" mobile applications.

We provide customized software solutions for the Logistics and Transportation industries, that enable efficient and 
cost-effective solutions with immediate returns in increased revenues and cost savings.

Our first product is a good example of this: motorists stuck in traffic jams (or being confronted by other notable scenarios) who are able to alert fellow motorists in proximity of the areas affected. Averting potential problems and hold ups.

It's called AlertAvert: entirely Java based, it can be deployed to almost every platform and mobile device. 

The patent-pending solution is the brainchild of Marco Massenzio. For the past 15 years he has developed and managed numerous projects in Java or C++.

Android applications development

We have also developed several apps for the Android Market, one of which is receiving a lot of attention (and downloads!): Receipts Scanner is available as a FREE download from Android Market and allows easy scanning and uploading of expense receipts and other items.

Our Experience Shows!

We have several clients in the Logistics, Enterprise and Telecommunications market that have used our customized application development abilities to cut their time-to-market, or to mobilize their workforce quickly and cost-effectively.

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